NASA to measure ice melting in millimeters

Now we will know exactly how soon a catastrophe is approaching. NASA has recently launched a satellite that can accurately measure changes in the ice cover, glaciers and vegetation on Earth.

The Delta 2 rocket was launched from Wandenberg Air Force Base in California early this morning, local time, across the Pacific in polar orbit, AP reported.

NASA Director Michael Frilik said the mission would especially improve the knowledge that the melting of ice cover in Greenland and Antarctica contributes to the sea level rise, which in recent years has reached one millimeter annually.

ICESat-2 satellite, in addition to ice thickness, can measure tree height, snow cover thickness, river level, and can help research on the amount of carbon in the forests, planning flood defense and drought.

And the situation is not at all pink. Large world cities are directly threatened by high sea levels and related storms, from Venice, via London and New Orleans, to New York City’s “planet for yourself.”

Insurance companies have calculated that only in Florida the economic loss due to the higher level of the sea will reach $ 33 billion by 2030. Miami is today the most endangered city on the planet.

And the population of people living virtually at sea level is huge in the world. And if water rises, i.e. when it grows, it follows a disaster. It is also 40 centimeters long, as in the case of the Bengal Bay, where even small growth will lead to seven to ten million people leaving home.

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