Interview with Johnny Blaze: The Impacts of Marijuana Growth on the Environment

Climate change may have a direct impact on marijuana growth, but does growing the marijuana plants adversely affect the earth? That question is one that many people ponder as marijuana becomes legal in states across the country.

Marijuana’s popularity isn’t unknown. Today, more than 266 million Americans use cannabis for either recreational or medical purposes. The plant is FDA-approved to treat eight medical conditions, including pain associated with chemotherapy, glaucoma, and muscle atrophy, but suspected to provide benefit to a slew of additional health concerns.

But, as more marijuana farms pop up across the country to provide the necessary medicine to cover the demand, so to does the environment suffer due to mass production. Wildlife, rivers and lakes, and even forests are threatened by this increased usage of land and water.

It is mostly unregulated marijuana growth operations that cause concern for the environment. Unregulated growth oftentimes leads to toxins found in rivers and streams, depletion of water sources, and even negative consequences in terms of available land for wildlife to live and thrive. Regulated growth operations usually adhere to standards that protect the environment rather than take from it, helping produce marijuana without negative effects that harm us all.

Johnny Blaze, company representative of GreenPanther, shares more details concerning the climatic effects of marijuana

Q: Hi, Johnny Blaze! How long have you been in the Marijuana Business?

JB: I’ve been in the marijuana industry for about 10 years now., ever since marijuana started becoming a hot topic. I’m a veteran!

Q: What Changes Have you seen over the last Decade in the Business in Terms of Growing Marijuana?

Significant changes in marijuana growth has occurred over the past decade as more research and evidence portrays marijuana in the positive light that it should’ve had all along and a begin implementing it into medicinal and recreational purposes. A decade ago, illegal grow operations were found scattered about the U.S., but they were few and far between, so there was no direct impact on the environment. Now that states like Colorado, Nevada, and Washington have legalized it for recreational use, there’s far more marijuana-crop growth.

Q: What kind of Effort is Being made by Companies Like Yours to Combat the Effects of Marijuana on the Climate?

JB: We are regulated growers, first and foremost. We adhere to high standards of growth that provides our customers a high-quality product while protecting our most precious asset- the environment. We’d never do anything to compromise the beauty and sustainability of our lands. We comply with the environmental protection certificate act, although it is not in use or enforced in the pot industry. It’s amazing that marijuana has come so far. If we just do our part, I am confident marijuana laws will change significantly very soon. This is just one way that we can both protect the environment and provide a positive outlook for the industry. We simply want to do what we can to be of value to those who need us and we will always go above and beyond in order to continue offering this service.

Q: Great thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.

JB: Sure my pleasure – and if anyone wants to learn how to grow your own marijuana from Green Panther just hit me up. Cheers!

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