“Global warming is completely natural”

Australian biologist Jennifer Marohasy and IT engineer John Abbott published a study on climate change using neural network technology in GeoResJ.

They point out that the results they have come to show that the climate change we witness is almost completely natural.

Most scientists have reached a consensus on global warming – it’s happening, and it’s because people are responsible of an abnormal amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Marohasy and Abbott, however, argue that this consensus was achieved on the wrong basis, which was created nearly a hundred years ago, when experts worked on the study of thermal absorption of carbon dioxide.

They further state that so little has been done in that field since then, that it is impossible to assert with certainty that carbon dioxide has the power to influence the global temperature. For this reason they started collecting data from previous research, which show the median temperature value in the last 2000 years.

This data is stored in a neural network that Abbott used to predict the amount of rainfall in Australia in the past few years. The network functions by searching for patterns and learning about situations – in this case, global temperature patterns in the last 2000 years, and then offering its predictions.

Researchers add that the computer predicted a rise in temperature in about the same amount they calculated with real data – with the lack of carbon dioxide, which suggests that carbon dioxide is not the cause.

They also point out that there was a time called the medieval warm period (986 – 1234), when the temperatures were comparable to today.

This, according to researchers, offers proof that the planet would warm up to today’s temperatures regardless of whether people are pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere or not. Their findings also show a global temperature decline after 1980, which matches with the conclusions of other mainstream scientists.

In their view, the increase in temperature, which we are witnessing, is a natural phenomenon and claim that temperatures will ultimately stabilize, just as it was in the past.


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