Oceans Cannot Be Saved?!

Even if we completely stop production of carbon-dioxide and remove the existing amount of it from the atmosphere, it is highly unlikely that we shall succeed in stopping the dying of life in the oceans – scientists warn.

By trying to reduce the process of global warming by removing carbon-dioxide from the atmosphere with ongoing use of fossil fuels it probably won’t stop the dying of life in the oceans – it is claimed in the report from the Institute for studying big climate changes from Postdam, Germany.

It has been concluded that ocean will still have a significant amount of acidity due to  dissolution of carbon-dioxide from the carbon acid.

“Geo-engineering measures are currently discussed as a last a last resort for avoiding dangerous climate change, whether the makers of the policy find or don’t find the way for reducing the carbon emissions” – says Sabina Matesius, the lading author of the study published in the magazine “Nature Climate Change”.

However, by examining oceans we can see that this approach comes with many risks, even if we somehow succeed in reducing the carbon footprint to the one before the industrial age, the acidity of the ocean would still be 4 times higher than in the mentioned period. Many centuries would pass before the balance in the atmosphere could be achieved” – Matesius concludes.

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