Global Warming Will Turn The South of Europe Into Desert

Global warming will by the end of the century turn some parts of the southern Europe into a desert, scientists claim.

Average temperature of this region has risen 1.3 degree Celsius from the end of 19th century until now, which is a lot higher than the world average of 0.85 degree Celsius. This has been show in the study by the French University of Marseilles.

Climate changes made by human factors will probably change the ecosystem of the Mediterranean, unless the governments do something about it and reduce the gas emissions that  are causing the greenhouse effect.

Deserts could expand throughout the southern Spain, Portugal, norther parts of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, than Sicily, southern parts of Turkey and some parts of Syria, the study has shown.

That would completely change the vegetation of the Mediterranean and completely destroy the famous pignole pine trees, olives and other plants.

Last year governments of almost 200 countries have signed a treaty in Paris by which goal is to limit the rise of the average temperatures to below than 2 degrees Celsius, in comparison to the pre-industrial era, and in an ideal case to stop it at 1.5 degrees.

Only in that ideal case the ecosystem of the Mediterranean can remain similar as it has been for the last 10 000 years.

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