Global Warming and concrete are rising temperatures in the cities

Thanks to global warming and high density of concrete in metropolitan areas temperature may rise by 7 to 8 degrees Celsius by the end of the century. These projections of temperature rise in the cities are the worst possible scenario, based on the current trends of gas emissions and greenhouse effect.

The rise of about 5 degrees Celsius is based on global warming predictions, while the 2-3 remaining degrees are due to high density of concrete that will most likely replace a lot of green areas such as city parks and lakes, which will make cities warmer than their surroundings.

The leading author of a study on Global Warming from the Institute for Ecology Studies in Netherlands, Francisco Estrada says that this prediction is based on the larges metropolitan areas and cities in the world.

“That kind of development of events will have huge consequences for health of citizens and energy consuption” – Estrada has said.

Cities take only 1 percent of the Earth’s surface, but they are consuming 78% of world energy, and they create around 60% of gas emissions.

In this study, Estrada and his team have analyzed data for the 1692 largest world cities, and their temperature growth from 1950 to 2015.

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